Free Ethereum Slots

Ethereum is a digital currency that's taking US online gambling to a whole new level of ease, convenience and security and there are many great flash and mobile casinos, sportsbooks and online poker rooms that welcome this outstanding banking option. For depositing and withdrawal purposes Ethereum works just like Bitcoin however the underlying technology is different in that upon the Ethereum network, smart contracts can be made, providing the safety and security that makes this cryptocurrency such a popular one.

Sending a deposit from your Ether wallet to your Ethereum casino of choice is simple and swift and the same applies when requesting a payout, as no third parties are involved in the transaction. Using an Ethereum mobile casino means you may send ETH on your mobile device from one app to another and it's not only online casinos and gaming sites that are embracing this new tech as it's set to play a major part in many industries worldwide. From banking, shipping, accounting and so much more, the Ethereum network and the fact that different virtual currencies can be created upon it, is set to play a major role in many areas of business, however as is the case with much modern tech, online casinos are out of the blocks first.

So What Exactly Is Ethereum

The simple answer is, next to Bitcoin, Ethereum is arguable the second best and most popular crypto currency out there on the market. For those who are new to the crypto currency scene, Ethereum is alternative currency that is based on its own digital platform. In fact, the Ethereum currency is based on its own financial system known Ethr.

The origins of Ethereum begins back in 2013 by a crypto currency researcher and developer. Ethereum actually went online back in the summer of 2015. By the end of 2016, Ethereum was actually split into two different blockchain technologies. The new one runs on the ETH currency and the original one goes by ETC. In a similar fashion to Bitcoin, you use Ethereum with a special crypto wallet. You mine for Ether and you can trade, buy and sell among your piers.

It Is Easy To Use Ethereum

Ethereum, at the end of the day, runs like other crypto currencies. As mentioned earlier, you will need to research and find the right wallet that supports the ether network. You can amass ether by mining for them, or you can convert some preexisting funds into Ether to get up and running. You can use ether to make your deposits at a crypto supported casino, you can buy goods and services from selective vendors and more.

Ethereum Is Popular In The Online Casino World

Now that we know a little something about Ethereum, it’s good to know that it is supported at many Bitcoin casinos, and it has become so popular that there are pure Ethereum Casinos. When it comes to an Ethereum supported casino, look no further than BetChain Casino. BetChain has been around the block a little bit, and is one of the early Bitcoin casinos that has since grown to accept Ethereum. BetChain offers a lot to its members.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of top tier slot games along with table games. They rely on eight different and talented gaming engines. Some of the popular slot games that you can enjoy here include Heist, a high stakes, cinematic like game where the master bank robber looks to make the biggest score of his life. But you will have to help him stay one step ahead of the determined law enforcement that is determined to catch up to him. There are many bonus rounds to make things more than worth your while, including the almighty bank vault bonus round.

There is also Mr. Vegas which puts you in the shoes of a big time high roller. Right from the start, you can put your Ethereum coins to use to help in one of the many bonus rounds, including a money wheel with a showgirl plus the roulette round with Mr. Vegas himself.

BetChain is also full of top tier table games, with many of those being poker, and even video poker. There is even a live dealer to help make things more interesting. Ethereum lovers are going to love the promotions here. In fact, when you make your very first deposit here at BetChain Casino, you will receive a 100% matching bonus to go along with 200 free spins. The thank you for making deposits with Ethereum also extends to your second and even your third deposits as well. Regular members can reload on their Ethereum deposits on certain days to go along with 25 free spins. You can even put your Ethereum coins to use by entering one of the many great tournaments where up to 4,000 free spins are at stake.

Ethereum has found a great home at Betcoin Casino. Like BetChain, Betcoin is one of the first Bitcoin casinos that also has grown to accept Ethereum. Get the party started right with their generous welcome package. It is really simple. When you make your first deposit with Ethereum, you will receive a 100% matching bonus. In fact you will receive additional matching bonuses of lesser amounts on your second and third deposits.

When you’ve established yourself with Ethereum, you will be amazed at the full compliment of games and other things that Betcoin has to offer. When it comes to the slot and table games, more than a dozen of the industry’s best is represented here. Feel free to make your Ethereum deposit with hit slot games like The Angler, a five reel gem that is highly interactive. You get to hang out all day with The Angler fisherman on the pier. There is a nice bonus round where you get to haul out the fish in the sea.

Make an Ethereum deposit to settle the feud between good and evil for the final time when it comes to Good Girl, Bad Girl, and interactive, five reel slot game where you get to choose your champion to settle the score between the she devil and the angel. This innovative game offers you the choice to choose your side before the game. You can even choose both to share the risk and rewards. Asian themed games are well represented here too. For example, The Fa Fa Twins grace the reels, laughing and giggling as you spin the reels.

In addition to the slot games, you can make your deposits with Ethereum to play top notch table games like blackjack and an entire video poker section. Certain games qualify for live dealer play too. Even more, feel free to place your Ethereum bets with their extensive sports book section. When it comes to the sports, all of the major North American sports teams are well represented here. There are also many International sports like soccer that comes with many leagues from around the world. There is also boxing, mixed martial arts, tennis, golf and so much more.

The most loyal of members are thanked in grand fashion with their multi tiered VIP club. All of your ethereum deposits, wagers and sports bets will pay dividends in one of these seven distinct loyalty levels. Each level comes with sub levels to help keep things that much more interesting. You will get rewarded with cashback and reload bonuses that can be processed back into Ethereum.

Become the biggest star of them all when it comes to BitStarz Casino, a spectacular online casino that is proud to accept Ethereum users. BitStarz hangs its hat on an impressive lineup of slot games and table games with a nice compliment of promotions. On top of that, they have a special section just for Bitcoin games. Some of the impressive slot games on display here include Spinfinity Man where you get to be the superhero that saves the metropolis in danger. There are seven reels in this comic book, interactive wonder. Spinfinity Man dominates the reels literally so your Ethereum deposits will be put to good use with the likes of the many bonus rounds featuring Spinfinity Man himself.

Your Ethereum wagers also invites you to put on your dancing shoes with At The Copa, a great five reel slot game where Carolina dances for joy and happiness as two handsome men dance for affections. There are many bonus rounds to be enjoyed here as well, including multiple progressive jackpots.

When it comes to the promotions, BitStarz supports new members, and even those who’ve made their deposits with Ethereum with a 100% matching bonus up to 5BTC or the Ethereum equivalent. In fact, they offer similar deposits with the second, third and fourth deposits. Regular members are in store for over the top daily promotions like 50% reload bonuses that can help refill the Ethereum wallets, and free spins Wednesdays.

And when it comes to pure Ethereum Casinos, look no further than Ethino Casino. Ethino Casino has the distinction of being the world’s first Ethereum Casino. Plus they offer Ethereum card games. If you are into dice, then welcome to vDice Casino. This is a unique Ethereum only casino that only three games, Ethereum dice, an Ethereum slot game along with vPax. In fact, no account is needed, you just need to make a deposit with Ethereum. Again, if you are into dice, then you might want to check out Etheroll. This Ethereum only casino has only one game, dice. The dice game is built on the special algorithm of provably fair.

Ethereum Style Tournaments

Because many Bitcoin casinos offer Ethereum as a deposit option, those who do use Ethereum can easily take advantage of the same tournaments going on. For example at BitStarz Casino, there is a current Last Man Standing promotion which requires you to wager at least twenty bucks or the Ethereum equivalent, so you can compete against other players to be the last man standing to take home the top prize of $5,000. BetChain is offering a similar Spin Fest tournament where Ethereum players compete for 20 different types of prizes, including the share of 4,000 free spins.

Keeping Your Safe In The Crypto Universe

It seems like everywhere you turn around, there is a new breakthrough when it comes to crypto currencies. In next to no time, they have gone from nobody knowing them, to having their own exchanges on Wall Street and online casinos for that matter.

To help keep you safe, it is important that you maintain the crypto wallet that you are using to conduct your affairs. As you know, those wallets use the block chain technology to encrypt your transactions into special nodes. They use this based on signatures that you sign up from the start. It is vital that you don’t share this with anyone, otherwise they will have access to your account.

Ethereum Mobile Casinos

Ethereum mobile casinos not only provide you with a fantastic selection of iOS and Android mobile slots and casino games but they also allow you to make your deposits and cash out your winnings using the popular virtual currency Ethereum. Enjoying all that the best Ether mobile casinos offer is so simple, thanks to instant deposits and fast withdrawals. From your Ethereum wallet on your mobile device directly to the casino, your ETH deposit is processed quickly, and when using this method you'll always get your great Ethereum bonuses as well as each and every player reward.

Ethereum Flash Casinos

Instant play Ethereum flash casinos provide huge click and play slots and games selections, and when combined with the instant deposits and withdrawals they bring a world of casino convenience to your home PC. Ethereum is now a banking option in the cashiers of many excellent flash casinos, and you'll find that sending ETH from your wallet to the web cashier of a good instant play casino is all so simple. The best flash casinos are known for their big slots bonuses and player rewards, and worry not, as when using Ethereum you'll be getting each and every bonus, just as you would when using more traditional casino banking methods.

Ethereum Slots

When playing in an Ethereum flash or mobile casino you'll find a whole world of Ethereum slots to enjoy and when the reels fall in the right way for you, you'll find that getting your hands on your winnings is made so much easier thanks to the fast slots casino withdrawals that ETH provides. Ether slots casinos provide tons of great bonuses and many cool player perks and there are also casinos that allow you to place your bets directly from your Ethereum wallet. Due to the fact that the Ethereum network allows for the simple creation of new digital currencies, we'll even be seeing slots that actually sit on the network, and quite possibly online casinos with their very own currencies!

10 New ETH Slots

Ethereum Sportsbooks

For many years online sports bettors in the US have had one major issue with the many sportsbooks available, and that's been the lack of good banking options. For many, using a major credit card is not possible and the hassle of bank wires or sending a person to person payment is simply inconvenient, however Ethereum sportsbooks alleviate those sportsbook banking issues and make US sportsbook deposits and withdrawals all so simple. Ethereum sportsbooks allow players to get funds in and out with speed and security, and the simple to make ETH transactions, sent from an Ethereum wallet to your sportsbook of choice allow players to do exactly what they signed up to do...enjoy their online sports betting.

Ethereum Online Poker Rooms

There was a time in the history of US real money online poker when deposits and withdrawals were simple and fast, however the demise of good e-wallet options and the fact that not all credit card transactions will be approved meant that those days are gone, however with the introduction of virtual currencies like Ethereum, those good days are back again. Ethereum works a little like Bitcoin when depositing into your poker room of choice and you'll find that when withdrawing, your winnings are with you so much faster than when using other options. Good Ethereum online poker rooms provide great real money Texas hold'em, plenty of big guaranteed tournaments and all of the sit n go action you could ask for, and when combined with fast and simple financial transactions they allow you to concentrate on your game, and forget about how to get your funds in and out!