Ignition Casino

Welcome to the next century - digital currency is currently taking off, and has been for the past couple of years. The king of them all is Bitcoin, and your favorite online casinos are heavily invested in making this form of deposit and withdrawal the standard in cyberspace. In particular, Ignition Casino has fully embraced it and is even offering promotions that stem directly from its usage. Fact is, Bitcoin has a lot of advantages over fiat currency; chief among its attributes is the ability to be used swiftly and easily from all corners of the world, as well as the fact it is inflation-proof. Your current dollars or pounds are always losing value, as your governments print money to put you ever deeper in debt and thus devalue your currency.

Using Bitcoin

What, exactly, is Bitcoin? It is a distributed currency that operates on a universal peer-to-peer network, keeping track of expenditures (completely anonymously) and updating everyone's (that is, everyone who owns Bitcoin) ledger in an unbreakable mathematical code. One of the primary benefits of this is that there's no central government to control and devalue it; it is entirely electronic and not subject to the devastating strictures of government. Transfer of Bitcoin is safe, efficient and secure.

The first thing you need to do to start using Bitcoin at Ignition Casino is to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet or address (these are effectively the same thing). Depending on what mobile operating system you're using, there are some wallets that are better than others. For example, on Android, Ignition Casino recommends the Mycellum Bitcoin Wallet. On Apple iOS, you should strongly consider the Bread Wallet - unless you've already got one that serves its function well.

Once you've got yourself a secure Bitcoin wallet, then you can use it at Ignition Casino with no problem. Just create a casino account and head to the "Make a Deposit" section inside - you should see a large, brightly colored button delineating it as such. Make absolutely certain that your Bitcoin address is always entered correctly into the appropriate field; then you can hit the "Completed Deposit" button and you're all set.

Getting Your Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

Simply by making a deposit in the world's foremost digital currency, you are privy to a Welcome Bonus at Ignition Casino. This is in addition to the other bonuses that are available simply for creating a casino account and making a minimum eligible deposit. The current promotion is a $2,000 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus; it comes in the form of a 200% Match Bonus that's good for a maximum deposit of the referenced $2000. The Bonus Code is IGTBITCOIN200 and all new players are eligible to receive it.

There are a few stipulations on getting your bonus; they are reasonable and present at practically every online gaming casino. There's a playthrough requirement of 25x, first of all, and this must be satisfied before anything you might win as a result of receiving the bonus can be redeemed. You can play nearly every game in the casino using this, and recoup any potential winnings - all except for the Specialty Game, Craps. Craps does NOT count towards satisfying the House rollover requirements for withdrawing any of your Bitcoin winnings.

As for the withdrawals rules at Ignition Casino, first of all you can make a $10 minimum deposit using Bitcoin, and a maximum $5000 at any one time. For withdrawals, the lower limit is $10 (that you can take out), and the maximum limit is $9,500. Once you've initiated a withdrawal, it can take up to 2 days - 48 hours - for the process to conclude. As for the frequency with which such requests can transpire, Bitcoin withdrawals can be processed once per 3 day period. Although there generally is no fee for this action, there is a certain condition under which a cost can applied to withdrawals - check the appropriate section in your casino account to find out more information. Generally, this fee is from the merchant and is initiated to cover a rare electronic cost for the transaction, itself, as can be applied to priority processing. Regardless, any such fees are considerably lower than those from credit cards.

Bitcoin is the money of the future - the writing is on the wall. It is slated to grow in value; perhaps even reaching its 2017 high of nearly $20,000 in just a few years. It is easy to use, and there are several exchanges on which you can turn it back into cash. There are many merchants that use it as a form of payments, so you don't even need the middleman of American dollars; expect it to grow as more and more vendors add Bitcoin to their list of accepted currencies. Use it at Ignition Casino today to receive your bonus and start playing your favorite games.

Ignition Video Slot Games

With the way that slots have taken off in the past few years, it's no wonder that top casinos such as Ignition have exploded onto the scene in short order to dominate the competition. You will find, once you're a member - or even just a passerby interested in playing the games for free in the Flash part of the casino - that there's practically no limit to the number of different themes and templates that are available for gaming purposes. Whether you enjoy being whisked away to the heavens in a Greek Gods-type slot, or being thrown into the deep blue sea for a romp through the long lost treasures of the ocean floor, you can find the 5 reel slot that realizes your visual dreams.

If, on the other hand, you're more interested in the games, themselves, and could care less about the various themes, the Classic 3 reel slot may be for you. With these, the templates tend to be very simple, allowing you to get to the business of winning games without distractions. Even better, by signing up to show some semblance of commitment to Ignition Casino, the House will reward you with a generous Welcome Bonus once you make a deposit that meets the minimum terms. Now, you have the opportunity to win with some House cash - or, at the very least, to play with some.

The huge numbers of slots here are made much easier to navigate with the separate subsections that are listed as menu items on the landing page of the primary website. You will always be in the game with the Hottest Slots section that points you in the direction of the slots at which gamers from all over the world are winning consistently.

A Selection of 3 Reel Slots

In the following short subsection, we'll inform you on just a few of the Classic Slots that are available for play at Ignition Casino. You can always see the pay table in these slots, since the board is not dominated by an elaborate theme and you needn't click over to another screen. Other than this, you'll see the ever-presence of Bar symbols and Fruit symbols on these types of slots; although this of course varies a bit too.

  • Big Cash Win Slots - Big Cash Win is a 3 reel Classic that will not leave you disappointed in any way - especially if you're a big fan of the smaller pokey that eschews the blazing graphics in favor of straightforward gameplay. Furthermore, as might be of interest to real money players, there's a 2000 coin jackpot awaiting the lucky winner. Some of the prominent symbols on the reels include cherry icons (these are seemingly in every Classic Slot), wild symbols that act to replace any other to form a winning combination, or to enhance an already existing one, for the commensurate payout on the single payline. The gold colored numeral 7 is another high paying symbol; three of a kind on the reels returns a result of 400 coins if you play the maximum 2 coins allowed. For a single coin, the most you can win is 200 coins. Big Cash Win Slots has much to offer - try it on for size at your easily-navigable online casino.
  • Bust a Vault Slots - Another 3 reel slot sporting a single payline (1 payline). Have you ever wanted to rob a bank? All of us could use an extra $50,000 or so, right? Well, don't do it - the risk is much too high, and you probably won't get to keep the reward, anyway. With Bust a Vault Slots, this Rival Gaming creation has a host of other symbols that also pay out according to pay schedule inscribed in the game paytable. The max jackpot is 2000 coins, and it occurs when the green bank symbol appears three times on the reels on the max coin bet. On the same, for three red cherry symbols, you can win 300 coins. Three orange symbols wins you 225 coins and three yellow lemon symbols wins you 90 coins. The lower paying symbols help round Break the Bank Vault wide open, and so you should be on the lookout for a chance to play often.
  • Crazy Camel Cash Slots - No need to head to the desert or to the zoo for this monstrosity of an adventure. Crazy Camel Cash slots is a Rival Gaming Classic, and although there's only one payline, you can bet up to 3 coins on it. The denominations of these coins can be as low as a penny, or as high as $5; which means you could win $30,000 on a single play with the max coin and max coin value bet. The camel is the Substitute symbol and can replace every symbol on the reels for a tripled payout - this the symbol, in fact, that can lead to the huge $30,000 jackpot if fortune smiles upon the brave. The other symbols include a golden goblet, a desert sheik, a palm oasis and the bar symbols in various numerical configurations. Download Crazy Camel Slots today - it's a Rival Gaming original.

Elaborate Video Slots at Ignition Casino

If you think that 5 Reel slots are elaborate, then you haven't seen the Real Series; these slots are the pinnacle of the casino gaming world when it comes to video slots - although they often have stiff competition with the Interactive i-Slots. Ignition Casino does not yet seem to have the i-Slot variety, but the Real Series options are well represented inside the lobby. Because of the larger size and more involved choreography, non-Classic Video slots often have more bonus features and special symbols such as Wilds and Scatters, working in concert to improve what you are capable of winning. The paylines are always greater than the single one available with the 3 reel versions; generally, they range from 8 paylines to a whopping 50 - which provides you with access to many different ways of winning because of the vastly increased possible combinations.

  • Silver Unicorn Slots 5 Reel Slots - Ignition Casino has a huge selection of 5 reel video slots, among them the 20 payline Silver Unicorn Slots with 25 free spins in the bonus round, with the help of the scatter symbol. Available in free to play mode, you can also download the casino software to play for a shot at a 15,000 coin jackpot with the proper alignment of symbols. The wagering range is from 25 cents to $50, so it allows for a good collection of players. The wild symbol is the Unicorn, and this magical being can sub in for every symbol except the scatter - upon which it will expand to fill the reel and cover the center icons for the winning combo. The Scatter symbol is the bright butterfly; it can let you gain entrance into the bonus features as well as the free spins rounds. Download for maximum enjoyment of Silver Unicorn Slots.
  • Samurai's Path 5 Reel Slots - The ancient way of the samurai is an unmistakable emblem of Japanese culture known throughout the world; their principles and honor-bound interactions with the public and with each other have been immortalized in various movies and cultures around the world. Spinomenal has entombed this theme into one of their video slots, and the Samurai's Path Online video slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines of investigation for you, over which you can try to get the free spins brought about by the scatter symbol and the bonus features that it unleashes. The Sticky Wild symbol is the Samurai monk, and it will remain in the spot in which it appears until the free spins round completes. The Geisha symbol is another Wild, and she brings multipliers when she graces the reels. The last Wild in this odd game is the Golden Dragon. Play Samurai's Path to discover more of what it offers.
  • Precious Treasures 5 Reel Slots - Never mind the lovely cartoon lady at the front of the theme when you land on the website; Precious Treasures video slots has 15 paylines over which you get to investigate an undersea kingdom not too different from the mythical Atlantis. Take the deep dive and go underneath the continental plates to investigate the treasures of the deep and see what you can discover - especially if you decide to play for real money. The multiplier symbols can lead to 1000 times your initial bet if you play well and luck smiles on you. The special symbols are two lovely mermaid women; for five of a kind on the reels for the first one, you can win 100 coins, and for the same number of the second one you can come away with 90 coins. The actual amount of money you can get depends on the coin denomination you choose. The scatter symbol is the Treasure chest, and it can lead to a win of up to 10 free spins and also triple your wager.
  • Lost Secret of Atlantis 5 Reel Slots - Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots has 5 reels and 25 paylines of about as much underwater fun as you would find in any such theme. After all, the mythical and mystic land of Atlantis has always been a hot topic; so why not take advantage of this? Rival Gaming certainly thinks this is fair game, and so here it is. There's a bonus round, scatter symbols, wild symbols and more on tap, along with symbols like tropical fish, starfish, seahorse, conch shells and sharks swimming about and cominating the reels. The protagonist adventurer is a girl with a knack for marine biology, and she has her oxygen tank and compass to guide her in her travels. There's a giant sea creature as a special symbol, and it can reveal a triple serving of secret spheres in the scatter symbol-supported bonus round. The Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots is a heartily recommended slot for the online casino gamer - whether you play for free or for a chance at real cash and prizes.
  • Koi Garden 5 Reel Slots - If you've ever been fortunate enough to visit a Koi garden, then the first thing that strikes you about it is the sheer and unadulterated serenity of the place. This 5 reel, 25 paylines slot by newcomer (relatively) Makitone Gaming has captured the minds of online casino players from all over - wherever gambling and slots playing is allowed in those jurisdictions. It's possible to win a bonus amount of 1500 times whatever you placed on the bet line in the real money game, and the Japanese graphics are nothing if not completely immersive. The mechanics of the game are easy to pick up, despite the involved display; the point, as with all video slots, is to ensure you have a good time - just in case you choose the fun money option. In order to learn more about the symbols and symbol combinations that work out best, check the pay table and enjoy Koi Garden Slots tonight.

Although all of these games are available for free play, it is strongly recommended that you do not tally too long in the free mode. After all, if you get lucky enough to hit a progressive jackpot, but cannot take advantage of it because you didn't sign up to let the casino know who you are, then what's the point? Especially when you can download and play just a few coins on the variable paylines, as well as choose small coin denominations.

Ignition Mobile Casino - Play On-the-Go

Ignition Casino is a gamer's paradise, given that they've got everything that you would want to play right there inside without having to navigate to a new spot. There are the traditional casino games, as well as the Specialty options that seem to vary by online casino, as well as the old standard Table Games and more. Do you favor Blackjack? Well then you can try multiple variations of the world's most common gambling option; Classic Blackjack is on tap, as well as Double Deck Blackjack, Single Deck and even the rare Zappit Blackjack.

Table Games at Ignition Mobile Casino

Surely one of the primary reasons that you're here is for the Table Games selection, right? Well then you've got that in common with the overwhelming majority of online casino gamers that navigate their way to this space, where you can play games like Caribbean Stud Poker (which also shows up in the Poker menu), Baccarat and Roll the Dice. There's a lot more, of course; the above is just a smattering of the most popular ones at the moment. If you favor the French contribution to casino games then perhaps either the European or the American version of Roulette will appeal to you. The one thing that's for certain is that you can try them all once you download the casino software and sign up.

Video Poker at Ignition's Mobile Offering

One of the best things to happen to the already fantastic table game of poker is the electric Video Poker, and all the new additions spurred on by the transition to the digital medium. With this, you can both enjoy poker and slots in a combination that only a genius could have thought of, given the vast differences between the two games. You can play Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Joker Poker 10 Hands or multiple variations of Jacks or Better. There's also Bonus Deuces Wild Hand and variations that build on this. And don't think that they left out Double Double Bonus Poker, either - it's here, and there are more versions always coming down the pipeline for your enjoyment at Ignition Mobile Casino.

Specialty Games Inside

One thing we noticed when we made it to Ignition Mobile Specialty Game section was the appearance of games that we hadn't seen before in other online - or offline, for that matter - casinos. These included games that, at first glance, looked like slots. Pesca Bingo is one of them, with its graphical display reminiscent of the 5 reel video slot; it's all about the Bingo, though. You can also try the Specialty offering of Tiki Treasure on for size and see how you like this unique game. Pirates Pillage and Penguin Payday are also awaiting your patronage. If you're missing the old familiar fare, then Keno is also inside in the form of Keno Draw. More bingo options like Go-Go Bingo are all ready to be activated, and hopefully these shower you with cash like they already have so many real money gamers before you at Ignition Mobile Casino.

Did we mention that there's also a Live Dealer option at Ignition Mobile? Well, we just did. You can get Blackjack early payouts and more with the lovely ladies that appear on the screen, interacting with members of the table live. Or, if you're a lady, yourself, you can opt for the handsome dealers that are on the Ignition Casino payroll. Try Baccarat, Super 6 and American and European Roulette with the Live Dealer option to up your playing level. You can choose your playing level, too - as low as $5 tables and as high as $2500 tables for select games.

Ignition Casino Mobile Video Slots Selections

And now we come to the slots - which are a confirmed chief among all the games being played at Ignition Mobile.You will probably never run out of options here when it comes to video slots - the themes are as innumerable as the drops of rain on a summer's eve. There are always new ones being churned out, too, which makes for a one-stop shop for true gamers. The following are slots from among the huge variety of templates inside:

  • Aztec's Treasure Slots - Aztecs Treasure Slots is from Real Time Gaming and it has a host of beneficial attributes that encourage you to start playing - and make it difficult to stop. These include scatter symbols that unlock free spins, expanding wild symbols and 5 reels and 20 pay lines on which to bet up to five dollars per line for the real money gamer. The smallest amount you can bet is a single cent while playing every single one of the active pay lines. The expanding wild symbol is the Aztec King and there is an Aztecs Treasure Slot Jackpot that requires five top icon Aztec Queen symbols to unlock a jackpot worth $5000. The mighty Jaguar is another high paying symbol, such that five of a kind get you 2500 coins. The Aztec warrior Eagle headdress also delivers the goods with a 1000 coin prize for five of a kind on the reels. The final high paying symbol is a gold bracelet; five of a kind get you 500 coins.
  • Caesar's Triumph Slots - Software developer Makitone has made quite the winner in Caesar's Triumph Slots, which has 5 reels and 20 pay lines of ancient wartime Rome inscribed in the game board. It is proprietary software that displays the great Coliseum and the most prominent of Roman architecture throughout the theme. There's a bonus round, the possibility of gathering multiple free spins, a gamble feature and a wild symbol tucked into the game. Although you can play it using the Instant Play option for free, betting on the reels can potentially make you very happy and the financial department - it's a game of luck, so play and plan accordingly. The top symbols include Caesar himself, where five of a kind can get you a 3000 coin payout. There's a female Roman politician (we didn't know that they even allow this) that's also worth a bundle; five of a kind for 1500 coins. The Roman legion symbol equates to five of a kind get you 750 coins and is the scatter so it's also the key to 20 free spins and a 6X multiplier if a minimum of three of them show up on screen. Both the Roman guard helmet and the harp symbols are worth the same; five of a kind get you 500 coins, four of a kind get you 100 coins, three of a kind of either one get you 25 coins, and two of a kind is good for two coins. The lower paying symbols are from the table game poker, and their values are included in the games pay table.Play this game tonight and let's hope that Caesar's Triumph extends to you.
  • Cleopatra's Gold Slots - Cleopatra's Gold Slots is of course from Real Time Gaming; which is quite possibly the number one slot maker in all of the slots universe. It has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and is capable of delivering a $20,000 jackpot for the real money player who puts up $20 per pay line on all active pay lines. The magic symbol is Queen Cleopatra herself, of course, and if you can line up a quintuplets of Cleopatra symbols on the reels during the scatter symbol provided free spins round, then be ready to take home $30,000. Of course, given that you can play the mobile version of this game, you and actually have to be taking home anything - you already be home in most cases! Additionally, there's a random jackpot embedded in the game, and he can be one at practically any point in time; this is in addition to the $30,000 during the free spins round on a nine dollar bet. Download Cleopatra's Gold Slots today; or just play for free and have all the fun and the world on this Egyptian themed slot.
  • Dirty Martini Slots - Whether you're a social drinker or an outright alcoholic, then you've probably frequented places that sell the famous dirty martini drink. So famous is this favorite concoction, that your favorite online slot maker has chosen to make a 3 reel, Classic Slot out of it. This is, of course, none other than RTG (Real Time Gaming). The single pay line makes it easy to keep track of whatever you bet, and the three available reels do the same. Some of the symbols includes a large glass smog of foaming alcoholic beer - ostensibly, this is the Dirty Martini - as well as an olive in a toothpick. There's a strawberry symbol, and orange fruit symbol, a yellow lemon lime, grapes and great wine, dual cash glasses of pink champagne, two red cherries stuck together and a pineapple. This is actually quite the sizable slot for a Classic, given the plenitude of symbols. You don't have to be a drinker in order to enjoy Dirty Martini Slots; give it a shot - pun intended.
  • Flea Market Slots - The flea market is an old favorite of house wives all over the world, as they spend their husbands' hard-earned money on useless contraptions for the house that will fall into disrepair in just a few short months. All jokes aside, though, Rival Gaming has mad a Classic slot with 3 reels and 1 payline just for these wives and women - although men can of course enjoy it, too. For real money gamers, you can put down up to a maximum of $10 per game, with the reckoning being $5 max per coin at two coins per line. Don't be fooled by the small size of Flea Market Slots, as it can deliver wins as considerable as 10,000 coins if you manage to hit the jackpot. As with all such games, it's all about landing the winning combinations. Some of the many symbols that pay out when the requisite combination hits include a lollipop, bars of various colors, fake diamond rings (you cannot get real ones at a flea market!) and a few others. Play Rival Gaming's Flea Market Slots this afternoon.
  • Fortune Keeper's Slots - Spinomenal's Fortune Keeper's Slots has 5 reels and 50 paylines, making it one of those absolutely gigantic slots with plenty of ways to win. It's got a bonus game for increased opportunities at the large amount of in-game cash and the plenitude of prizes, as well as wild symbols and scatters for entry into the free spins realm and help completing winning combinations for the commensurate payout. The theme is a good one, with panda bears, magic monkeys and golden toads featured as some of the symbols on the reels.You want to use these and the others to get yourself some of the hidden treasure; or, to simply play for fun if you're not into gambling with real money. Both the Panda and the Monkey are expanding Wild icons, which helps you dominate the center reel if they appear at the right time. The active paylines are not fixed, so you can choose the ones you wish to pay. Play Fortune Keeper's Slots tonight to open a new doorway to a realm of fun.
  • Gridiron glory Slots - Who doesn't like the game of football? For most people around the world, this refers to the game of soccer, and not to the game of American football - but both are great, of course (soccer, to our mind, is better). This Bovada Gaming slot has 5 reels and an amazing 243 paylines (which refers to the number of ways there are to win), and also allows a whopping $100 maximum bet per game - with 50 cent coin denominations and 10 coins per line. This gives you more options for betting than you perhaps know what to do with! We're sure you'll figure out something, though, when the games are this good. This highroller pokey has a football helmet as the Substitute symbol, and it can replace any other symbol to help the player complete a winning payline for the prescribed payout amount. Another Substitute symbol is played by the large and powerful running back. Using the Scattered football icons, you can unlock the free spins round - it takes three of them to do so. Gridiron Glory awaits; all you need to do is head to the appropriate casino to play for free to try it out, and then perhaps play for real money via download.
  • Lion's Roar Slots - Few things are more fearsome than a lion's roar - especially when heard up close, where it's so thunderous it can give a human a headache from a distance of 10 meters. In fact, on a clear night on the Serengeti, a lion's roar can be heard in excess of 5 miles! Rival Gaming has chosen to honor the King of Beasts with a big 5 reels, 50 payline slot that features expanding wild symbols and much more. The symbols on the reels are all of the Big Cats from the family Panthera - the tiger, the lion, th jaguar and the leopard. One of the primary distinctions between the two is the fact that these are the only cats in nature that can roar, due to the presence of a specialized bone in their throat that vibrates when titillated. Some of the other symbols include the shield and spear combination of the African Masai warrior, as well as the poker card suits. The Lion, himself, King of Beasts and King of the Jungle, is the Wild symbols, and he can replace any other symbol except for the scatter when he appears to finish off (favorably) a winning combination for the player.

The selection of video slots here is absolutely dazzling, and the best part is that you can play them on your Android or iOS mobile device with no restrictions. If anything, the games actually look a lot better and play more smoothly because of the smaller, higher resolution screen that the phones and tablets of today are capable of achieving. Ignition Mobile Slots doesn't take any shortcuts when it comes to giving the people what they want - head there and see what they have in store with their slots offering.

Ignition Reward Points

The Ignition Rewards station is much ballyhooed for its generosity; once you download the casino software and become a member, you can gain access to all of the games, bonuses and promotions that are inside. Simply by playing the slots and table games inside, you stack up something called Ignition Miles, which go a long way (pun intended) in enhancing the gameplay at the casino. It all begins with a Welcome Bonus that adds a considerable amount from the House coffers to your deposit account, so that you begin playing with money that didn't even come from your bank account! We'll say that you're off to a great start with this one.

Next, you become privy to all manner of Cashback bonuses that seem to pop up almost out of nowhere on odd days of the week. It's like you're capitalizing off of any losses you incur! Your status is always maintained - even when you haven't played for awhile - and the Casino Miles that you pick up can be exchanged at a whim. There's no special action that you have to take to rack up the Miles; this feature is activated automatically and keeps on accruing at a certain rate - the more you play, the more Casino Miles you pick up.

What do the Ignition Casino Miles do, exactly? Well, you exchange them for rungs on the Reward Club ladder, so to speak. They catapult you up in the rankings, where you earn more and more benefits with each rung you eclipse on your journey to the vaunted top. It's all about the multiple benefits that you get, which increases at every level you vault up. One of the best things about the Casino Miles benefits is that, unlike the Rewards Points at so many other online gaming casinos, Ignition lets you exchange your Miles for direct cash bonuses! This is truly unique in the realm of cyber-gaming, where most casinos want you to pump all your winnings back into the machine. Although there's nothing wrong with that, the option to change it directly into cash is one that truly puts the customer first.

As for the precise Rewards Levels, let's see what it takes to get there and what you receive once you do. Just by making a casino deposit and signing up, you are slated to join the most basic level of Steel:

  • Steel: The redemption rate for the starting Steel Ignition Rewards points strata is 2500 Casino Mies equals $1, and you get a cashback bonus of 6% on losses.

  • Chrome: At the next level of Chrome, you need 2250 Casino Miles to exchange it for $1, and the cashback rate rises to 7% on losses.

  • Bronze: As we get into the very lowest rung of the precious metals with bronze (although they helped make great swords before iron was discovered), you need just 2000 Miles for a $1 exchange. The cashback bonus rises to 8%, too.

  • Silver: The Silver level has a redemption rate of 1750 Miles for $1, and it provides you with a full 9% cashback bonus.

  • Gold: The king of metals in antiquity, the brilliant gleam of this heavenly yellow has not lost any of its luster in the modern era. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that at this level, it takes just 1500 Casino Miles to get $1, and the cashback amount is quite high at 10% on losses.

  • Platinum: Even more valuable than Gold, Platinum Level guarantees a 1250 Mile for $1 exchange, and a cashback bonus of 11%.

  • Titanium: As you inch towards online casino supremacy in the Rewards Points program at Ignition Casino, the extra-hard metal is a fitting name for a level at which you get 12% cashback on losses, and where 1000 Casino Miles can get a $1 bill deposited into your casino account.

  • Diamond: Finally, we have the Diamond Level - unbreakable as the precious stone that carries its namesake. Here, the rewards are 15% cashback (which is absolutely HUGE), as well as the same 1000 Casino Miles as at the Diamond Level for $1.

You cannot join the Ignition Casino Rewards Program by playing the games for free; in order to gain access to it, you must download the casino software, make a qualified deposit and sign up. There are always new bonuses and promotions being released every week and month, and you don't want to miss out. Join today.

Ignition Tournaments

Ignition Tournament Play Casino is an online casino gamer's delight, given that it allows you to engage in the top slots and table games that you'd find in cyberspace - and against other players, to boot! The ability to access a world of fun and games no matter where you happen to be at the moment is invaluable; especially given that all it takes is an internet connection - which you can get at a coffee shop, inside a fast food restaurant, or while waiting for your plane at the airport. In fact, mobile data is more than fast enough these days to support the video slots and video poker offerings that are available at Ignition Tournament Play Casino, so there's no need to wait until you get home or to your office to plop down and start playing for fun or for real money. The first option doesn't require anything from you; the second option requires a software download and a deposit. You also receive a Welcome Bonus in the second option, which sweetens the pot considerably.

Table Games in the Ignition Casino Tournament Play Section

Table games are always popular - and for good reason. As fun as they are in the offline space, you can enjoy them even more when playing in the digital realm. Try playing Roll the Dice, for example, with the dragon-inspired graphics making the game even more visually impressive than it otherwise is. Then there is, of course, Blackjack , Let 'Em Ride and Classic Tri Card Poker rounding out the Most Popular Table Games section of Ignition Casino.

If you want to try more Table games than just the ones that have seemed to capture the minds of most of the gamers, then you can find the more dedicated section in the Ignition Casino landing page menu. These include all-time mainstays such as Caribbean Hold 'Em, Baccarat, Stud Poker, Classic Blackjack (what kind of casino wouldn't have this?!), and multiple variations of the above - like Classic Baccarat. For more ancient fare, you can play the roulette games; Ignition Casino has both the American and the European versions of this old French table game.

Miscellaneous Games

This section includes, specifically, the Specialty games that aren't easy to classify. Play games like Craps and Dice here without judgment; it is both your understanding of the odds and a healthy serving of luck that determines now you make out in these. You can also find Card Games like Three Card Rummy, and specialized poker options like Pai Gow Poker in this section

The Many Video Poker Options at Ignition Casino

If poker is good, then video poker is probably much better - at least, the game makers certainly hope so. Although this digital variant of regular poker has been around since the late 1970s, it is only recently that they have exploded in popularity - probably due to the massively increased visual appeal that naturally comes with much better technology. From Las Vegas, where they made their debut, to the online gaming space, you can enjoy Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Loose Deuces, Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild at your leisure on your mobile device - as long as it runs on Android, Windows or iOS.

Tournament Video Slots

A fan favorite, the video slot section in most new (and older) online casino gaming spots are the most responsible for the explosion of interest in online gambling in the past five years or so. One can even say that this led directly to the relaxing of federal regulations in many jurisdictions as pertains to the availability and legality of games for real money. Here at Ignition Casino, you'll find more slots than you could possibly play in any single sitting - in fact, more than you could get to in even months of being a member or passing fun money gamer. This includes Classic 3 reel slots, 5 reel video slots and even the elusive 7 reel slots.

  • Arabian Tales Slots - Welcome to one of the best Slots made by software provider Stakelogic. With 5 reels and 20 pay lines, the progressive Arabian Tales Slots is headed to an playing right now in an online casino near you. Although at first glance you might think it has to do with the Prince Aladdin, this actually has to do with one of his poor subjects - a young man named Alawin who is determined to fetch himself a wife and Riches - although we all know that one must come before the other. It has fantastic three-dimensional animation that brings the characters to life, and symbols such as an elaborate palace, a bazaar salesman, a jeweled dagger, a magic carpet in the poker symbols. You can bet between a penny and one dollar so there isn't really any reason to play this one for free. If you get five daggers on the screen at the same time, then you win the progressive jackpot. It is the wild symbol after all and he can also replace any of the other symbols to help you complete a winning pay line. Immerse yourself in Arabian Tales Progressive Online Video Slots tonight - it just might be your lucky night.
  • Ares: The Battle of Troy Slots - In Greek mythology the world God Ares was known as a cantankerous, vicious and deadly adversary. Although he could not kill any of his immortal brethren, most of them feared the temporary injuries that they would sustain in hand-to-hand combat with the skilled and brutal beast. In fact, it was only Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena and probably Apollo who would brook no seditious acts from the war God. This awesome slots has five reels and 25 pay lines for the erstwhile online casino gamer. Aries red shield is the highest paying symbol and also the substitute symbol; for five of a kind on the reels you win 1000 gold coins. The shield can replace any other symbol except for the scattered Trojan Horse; which is itself worth 1250 coins for five on the reels. The helmet of Ares is worth 1000 coins for five of a kind, whereas the breastplate is worth 1000 coins for five of a kind, and the acts is worth 500 coins for five of a kind. The rest of the symbols are the lower paying card suits from the table game poker - this includes the Ace, the King, the Queen, the Joker, and the 10 and 9 jackets. Download Aries: the Battle of Troy Slots today.
  • Caesar's Triumph Slots - With 5 reels and 20 pay lines, Caesar's Triumph Slots is an ode to the mighty Emperor Caesar and his elite governing of ancient Rome. You will see the gorgeous Coliseum before it was torn down by the ravages of time, as well as statues of Roman soldiers, citizens and politicians in stark relief. This slot has bonus rounds, free spins, and instant play option where you can play for fun money, a gamble feature, and the ability to play online using your mobile device of choice. The highest paying symbol is Caesar himself, and for five of a kind you win 3000 coins with him. The next highest paying symbol looks like Cleopatra; for five of a kind of her you get 1500 coins. The Roman guard is the wild symbol, and it substitutes for any other symbol on the reels to help you complete a winning pay line. For five of a kind of the wild you get 750 coins. If you get at least three wild symbols, then you gain entry into the free spins round. The most you can win with a straight flush of wild symbols on the reels is 20 free spins and a 6X multiplier. Hopefully you can be as triumphant as Caesar was.
  • Diamond Dragon Slots - Rival Gaming has unveiled a real winner in their 5 reel, 50 pay line monster of a Slots. Fittingly, the theme is that of a giant Dragon, and the riches over which he presides. Diamond Dragon Video Slots looks fantastic, and more importantly it let you pick a wide range of coin values - starting at $0.01, and ending at $0.50. As an added attribute, you've got a double dose of bonus symbols - the first one is a golden axe weapon that turns into a platinum axe weapon. The wild symbol is the Dragon, and not only does it replace other symbols to complete a winning pay line, it also lobs a 2X multiplier into the fray. As for the symbol values, there are four high paying ones: the golden haired princess symbol get you 400 coins for five of a kind on the reels, and descends in value all the way down to three of a kind for which you get 20 coins. The red-haired bard symbol gets you 300 coins for five of a kind, the fierce blonde warrior gets you 160 coins for five of a kind, and the dark-haired warrior get you 120 coins for five of a kind on the reels. As is the case with all slots, matching symbols delivers the goods - play it today to find out more of the prizes in store for you in Diamond Dragon Slots.
  • Forbidden Slots - Forbidden Slots is definitely geared to the adult themed market of online slot gamers. One look at the visual graphics will tell you why - there is a picture of a vampire lady in the succubus toning get up with reckless abandon. Slot maker Spinomenol delves deep into mythology to extract the pertinent heroes and fellows to make this slot worth your time playing. It has 5 reels and 15 pay lines that are fixed and cannot be changed; thus, if you're playing for real money, make sure to choose a smaller coin denomination in order to keep your finances reasonable. The symbols on the reels include a candle set, a woman sensually eating the red Apple, a Ruby necklace, Whitehorse Pegasus and Blackhorse Osiris, and more the actual symbol values are found inside the game - just use the Instant Play option, or download the casino software in order to see the pay table for more information.
  • Fortune Keepers Slots - Fortune Keepers Slots looks like it involves the kung fu Panda anthropomorphic character that seen such a popularity spurt in recent years. In fact, There's no doubt that it seeks to capitalize on this reality. Made by casino slot software maker Spinomenal, it has 5 reels and 50 pay lines and is filled with free spin opportunities, bonus rounds, scatter symbols and wild symbols, and multipliers to up the ante. It is steeped in Chinese traditions given the way the symbols are drawn, as well as their very character. The martial art of kung fu plays a very prominent part of the theme and includes monkeys, toads, Golden Bears, and others any animals from the kingdom on the reels. The kung fu panda is the expanding wild symbol, and it only shows up on the third real to replace any other symbol and help you complete a winning combination. There's another wild symbol, in fact, and it is the monkey - rack up anywhere from 3 to 4 of these in your in for a really big win. Fortune Keepers Slots is a large and varied introduction to a top ranked oriental theme - play for fun or for real money and see what the casino House has in store for you.

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